in the obsidian caves
Gallery of works by our favorite students
Camille, 14 years old, Magic diamonds
Rostislav Nesterov, 10 years old
Franjeva Jasmine, 10 years old
Marusya, 6 years old
Nikita Zaitsev, 10 years old
Sasha, 6 years old
Andrey, 6 years old
Stepa, 6 years old
Vera Farafonova, 7 years old
Fomin Seva, 5 years old
Igor Sixtel, 7 years old
Renata, 13 years old, cave of Fairy tales
Arina Dyukova, 6 years old, triptych
Sofia lokhovitskaya, 5 years old
Timofey Rumyantsev, 12 years old
Thomas, 6 years old
Alena Smirnova
Polina Smirnova
Pauline, 8 years old
Alice, 20 years old
Vika, 7 years old
Regina, 7 years old
Emilia, 9 years old
Varvara Iozovatskaya, 12 years old
Kirill, 6 years old
Masha Nikulina, 8 years old
Vera, 6 years old. Egyptians in a cave
Miroslav Poniatovsky, 7 years old
El gets into an unusual cave, where everything consists of cubes and squares. There she meets Steve, together with whom they will not only pass all the tests and defeat monsters, but also be able to get valuable resources: iron, emeralds, rubies and lapis lazuli.
Sarah Kuvyrkov, 10 years
Adeline Kuvyrkova, 7 years old
Vlad Gushchin, 7 years old
Sasha Gushchina, 10 years old
Sasha Vyacheslavova, 6 years old
Luke Danilov, 7 years old, Ice dragon
Gabi, 7 years old
Roman Bondarenko, 9 years old. Location description
Varvara Oparina, 6 years old
Sonya Nikonorova
Natasha, 21 years old
Renata Chernova, 13 years old
No! The moon is not only in the sky, but it also exists in the cave, but there it is something different, special! What awaits Alle in the cave. She will face trials, many trials. Go through the bridge of truth, climb the cliff and find the key... But this is not at all scary, because along the way it will be accompanied by bright fireflies of the flower "Mountains", which opens at night...
Maya, 7 years old, made in Procreate
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